Breakfast & Lunch timings of Coffee & Tea shops!

Having just a coffee or tea in the best coffee or tea chains in the United States will not give you complete satisfaction. Having a snack or meal along with it would be more filling & enticing.

Most of the people nowadays are not finding time to cook their favorite food, have it leisurely and get back to their work. So all are in search of the best restaurants where they can find their favorite foods.

Coffee & Tea being the people’s obsession, a lot more coffee and tea chains have emerged in the United States that really offer great tasting beverages.

But do you know what their breakfast and lunch timings are? We’re here to put them out.

Caribou Coffee   

Caribou Coffee is a well known premium coffee house featuring high-quality, handcrafted beverages and food. 

Breakfast and lunch are available all day at Caribou Coffee at all their locations around the United States.

Caribou Coffee Hours: Monday to Thursday: 5 AM – 7 PM; Friday to Sunday: 4:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Breakfast Hours: All Day

Lunch Hours: All Day

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Kung Fu Tea

With more than 350 stores around the country, Kung Fu Tea is America’s largest bubble tea brand. 

As one of the pioneers of bubble tea, they uphold the highest standards. The hardest aspect of making tea isn’t making it look good. Making tea that tastes excellent and presenting it creatively is the real problem. And in this way Kung Fu is really excellent. 

Every cup of tea is freshly brewed with premium tea leaves at the ideal temperature using the skill of “3T” Kung Fu. The drinks they offer are robust from the inside out and ideal for your taste buds.

Breakfast Hours: All Day

Lunch Hours: All Day

More on kung fu tea menu here.

Tim Hortons

Fast food restaurant brand Tim Hortons was established in Canada and then expanded internationally, opening a number of locations in the US. 

The fast food restaurant business, which was started by Canadian hockey player Tim Hortons features a variety of food options on the menu, including breakfast and lunch containing Bagels, coffee, cold beverages, and sandwiches. 

Tim Hortons Coffee is something you should never miss. All their coffee flavors taste heavenly thereby giving you a wonderful experience.

Breakfast Hours: 6 AM to 11 AM

Lunch Hours: 10 AM till close

Tierra Mia

One of California’s top producers of fine craft coffee is Tierra Mia Coffee. It was established with the goal of offering the best, most recently roasted coffee with a Latin flavor. 

Tierra Mia’s coffee stands out for its menu options with Mexican influences. “Bebidas Heladas” and “Bebidas de Café y Espresso,” which translate to “Cold Drinks” and “Coffee and Espresso Drinks,” are the two categories of beverages on the Tierra Mia menu.

Apart from the famous hot coffees & tea lattes, they offer a variety of other foods that are available all day.

Breakfast Hours: All Day

Lunch Hours: All Day


Starbucks is renowned for its high-quality coffees, teas, and pastries that go well with the java. However, you might not be aware that they also focus on making delicious sandwiches and wraps for affordable pricing that are just as addictive as the coffee.

Starbucks offers a delicious breakfast and lunch menu and both are served from the time Starbucks is open until the closure.

Breakfast Hours: All Day

Lunch Hours: All Day